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Jin Kisaragi Straight from BlazBlue comes Jin Kisaragi the Ice fanatic. Specializing in ice attacks Jin Kisaragi is a chilling opponent. Beware his Arctic Blade, Fenrir, Ice Fang, and Moon Song attack as they can keep your character frozen in place. Jin Kisaragi is able to quickly dispatch his opponents and run circles around them. Don't let the cold steel of his blade be the last thing you see.
Jin Kisaragi
Arc System Works


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Arctic Blade: Release an icy spike underground that will hit an enemy ahead of you.
Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Fenrir: Unleash a icy beast to freeze enemies in front of you. When used in the air you do an ice explosion.
Helmet Skill Helm Skill A-D Ice Fang: Unleash ice spikes on the ground to life your enemies. Same result happens when used in the air.
Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Moon Song: Shoot ice arrows at a 45 degree angle doing massive damage.
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Grim Reapers Grim Reapers

The Grim Reaper is a powerful hero that swings a huge, dreadful scythe to strike his enemies. He can break his opponent’s defense with the force of his gigantic scythe, charge to cut them down and launch dark energy that chains his enemies in the air. By chaining enemies in the air, the Grim Reaper can easily dole out multiple slash attacks and drain their life in no time. He can also teleport behind a careless opponent who will find the Grim Reaper smiling behind him. If you get an eerie feeling that something is behind you during a fight, you’re probably already on your way to hell.


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Reap: Focusing all his concentration on his blade, the Grim Reaper lounges forward to do a mighty strike which launches those caught in its wake into the air. Can be used in the air.
Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Shackle: Summoning chains from hell, the Grim Reaper shackles his enemy as they helplessy try to free themselves. Can be used in the air.
Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Grim Assault Teleport Instantly behind your opponent to catch them off gaurd. Death swiftly comes to those who stand infront of the Grim Reaper
Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Haunt After reaping many souls, the Grim Reaper summons the most evil spirits to haunt his opponents. Having poor sense of direction, these spirits cling to the Grim Reaper until they find a living victem.
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Space Troopers Space Troopers

The Space Trooper uses a high-voltage laser gun as his main weapon. Quick Shots will briefly stun the target, while Precise Shots will make them fall over! His space suit is charged with electricity and is able to shock nearby opponents. The Space Trooper's laser cannon is a great way to knock people off the edge as it sends them flying back.


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Laser Cannon: When the Space Trooper unleashes the Laser Cannon make sure to get out of the way. The laser cannon concentrates all the gun's energy into one single powerful burst. The blast is so powerful it knocks down any one unfortunate enough to cross pathes with it. Can be used in the air.
Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD E-Shock: Putting the Space Trooper suit functions into a temporary overdrive, the E-Shock ability essentially turns the Space Trooper into a giant taser. Anyone who touches will be "shocked" to see the consequences.
Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Beam Out When completely out numbered the Space Trooper can activate Beam Out. Using the same technology that beamed him into the battlefield, the Space Trooper sends his opponents back to where they came from with a smashing surprise when they get there.
Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Jet Pack Fall off a cliff or needing to get away in a hurry is never a worry for the Space Trooper. All he needs to do is activate his jet back and super mobility is instantly granted.
Cyber Medic Logo
Cyber Medics Cyber Medics

Offering treatment to those injured in her pretty pink uniform, the Cyber Medic is a must-have hero in battle as her heart is as beautiful as her looks. She flies over the battlefield and supports her teammates by lifting opponents up into the sky with her Anti-Grav skill, or by sending a dose of Mega Drain their way so that they won’t be able to use their skills against her team.


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Heal: Heal your allies, they will appreciate it.
Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Zero G: Make your enemies hit the ceiling! Zero G causes an anti gravity force field all around the Cyber Medic.
Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Drain Drain them of their energy. Your enemies will feel a slight headache, but a much bigger one when all thier skills are unusable.
Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Jet Pack Vroom, rocket medic to the rescue! Activate your jet pack to gain a temporary boost in mobility.
Crazy Sapper
Crazy Sappers Crazy Sappers

The Crazy Sapper is an expert with explosives and will lay mines to block your path. Captain Hook's bombs can trigger the mines safely. During Team games, the Crazy Sapper is a valuable asset to either team as it will be hard to spot mines amidst the chaos of a large battle.
Hold the D key to lay normal mines. Up to 6 can minds can be layed.


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Mega Mine: Say hello to my little friend! The mega mine is a mine with an extra bang to it.
Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Mineproof: Immunity to mines
Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Bunker Take cover in an indestructable bunker!
Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Air Strike Nuke the ground you stand on!. Make sure to move though because friendly fire is on.

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